++ Happiness Rituals ++ From: womb to: tomb

by Channel Spirits

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This is a collection raw home recordings+++channel spirits birth songsounds +++geometric temples last songs+++Mix tape+++ try in to git indie famous+fame us+++avant guard style


released December 9, 2013

Garret Peterson & Josie Fillat

allsoul:: hunnidroundz
hathaway collection
the late great frederick kobrick IV aloe wishes+RIP-VIP



all rights reserved


Channel Spirits Chicago, Illinois

These are the sounds we make sometimes... This is what part of me sounds like, another layer of my essence+++++Music and sounds recorded free spiriting in Chic ago++ We miss spell our words/worlds++we love outsider art++++loveh8+++raw recordings
+++soundart++++we are everything+++++bfgf++++future galaxy dust+++++++++++of the earth++++veganforlife+++++mysteriousmajical+++shapeshifters+++
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Track Name: ++visoneyes your pure paradise++wikka godden++talian genes++designher genes++ (( musicvideo)) ((clickhear))
No Stressin
Fuck that, firm/fitness/finesse (phoenix flex in)
Visioneyes pure paradise
Enter &end/and trancesays
French Dreams, future dolphinstreams(dreams)
Danish genes initalian jeans
G/OH met your temples/Geometric temples
Free up &end forgive yourself

You just being you

We got them- de-sign-her genes
Wicka got den- designer jeans
We have them- designer dreams
We gottdem- designer greens
We lovinin does/those- seaside breezes

Old fashion(ed)
Fuck them come/cum blastin
Who cares nosecondguessing (don’t second guessit)
Eye don’t care who eyes glancin
Cuz eye know eye bee gettin it
Cuz(cause) eye high bee live init
these High eyes i"m wear in high end
Buff exchange im @thacrossroads

Never sorry, I know more
Just don’t say it no more
I simply don’t get it
Got to go on and go get it
See no end

You just being you

We got them- de-sign-her genes
Wikka goddam designer jeans
We have them- designer dreams
We gottdem- designer greens
We lovinin doe"s/dose/those- seaside breeze

Starry eyed ieye aint buyinit
Timeflybye headin (to) the sky
i/eye Love birds, butt.ieye h8 flies
Bitches stillstress dressin
Lotta lotto languages
Worlds words of in light meant
Goldclouds go&(glowin) checkout
Cause we neva truly checkitout

Neva sorry know more...

We got them…
Track Name: ++cum creators++soul lets celebrate++ love h8 ((musicvideo))
cum creators/creative
internal calculators know me(s)
If/does anybody know me know eyem hooked up to these numbers/numbas
know me?
Its 27:44:11:11
its time we make our wishes baybee/cumtrue

now igotdiss bad bit sexyvegan bee stretching/loving/dreaming next to me raw honey

soul lets celebrate
lets sail away/awave/away
chill waves
webe feelin way to great
our footstep fates await
please don’t ever suffa share
don’t care
eye visioneyes my rise
future galax sea dust
blow wind

(u b)ee on that tribal/diskoh phase
wasting on the sameshit don’t waste
enowell eye bee onma strang fate daze.
Endya sinkin on dem corporo ate drinks/dranks
Tribe styles at the pattern gate
Re-turn-in (it) on that Saturn date.
Ibe/eye bee blowin out clouds dank (dang)
Ma(y)eyes cloudy purple ish haze

i/eye blow botanics
I got my dick sucked during titanic
Oh yeah
She goal suck a dick good, rub that clit slit
Cumin up on that skinsuit
(ill) pusher in LAKE FLIRT
goal make that tiny/tribal/dry/white pussy squirt out
eye think its funny
eye want that/your mother fucking money (your raw fuckin honey)

oh/goal yeah
soul celebreak. loveate
ieat real great. noh8
my time on earth. since birth
we just passing (things) thru

dreams really do cum true, day due/day dew
clean/clear upyour stress. No mess.
freeing your spirits.

Fredsashes sumwear floatin in oceans
Just keep your/the body in motion
No pesticides. No genocides/oh sides
re-invent and re-design
Meet me halfway half wit. In dreams
we’ll empathize & forgive
aloe wishes perishables
ride write into the sunset
know no end

win I’m coming
I’m cumming
ignacios best be running
cause you’re a walking dead man
killed my best friend
now it’s time to meet your end
soul lets celebrate
love h8
Track Name: ++aloha islands++ gp niabocmij ina dream++ pregnant pony & tropikilla chamomilla++ leafvibes++toda habit track++whatha wild wild world we living in+++
glow rise
glow rise in/glory eye see
go glo rising

g.p. niabocmij ina dream
pregnant pony
pen in soul ahhh
tropikilla chamomilla
eye want mt.top
sunset for the world team
eye keep see in tha same times(27,44,1111)

leaf vibes
blow wind
inalll tha time tietides
eye am awake now
and ieye am awear high bee/sea/see goin

ulookatus ulookit up

its a habit trap
end eye aint ever goin baaaccck
to the habit track
we aint ever look in bbbaaaaaaacccck
just look up lambpraise.yeah

aloha islands/eyelands
owna islands

picture luscious scenes & sunlight beams
skin g.listenin.g
cross country cunt tree team
cause were everything
were everythingists

mystic visions
blue river indians/inda ends

whatta wild wild world we livin in.....
Track Name: +++Stowza ontha beach++eye reek oftha heavens++make show goal makit rain++
tellu what
i dont want none dont forget it
eye just gogitit
ah hahhhhhhhhhhh
olive hues
no forget in
and we just goal get it/hit

we make show goal make it rain
up in here
make sho go make it reign
we make show go make it rain
make sho go make it.

blow it out eye reek of heaven
blow it out eye repeat goal get it
eye pick end choose
olive hues
soul forget it
blow it out
eye reek of heavens
Track Name: +++simpa kinda ways+++
heheha ha heehehehe hahahahahahahhahah he he hah ha ha hahah
simpa kinda ways its the way eye am feel in/see in
out hahahahaha
Track Name: ++ma baybee love++ ricki reiki
baybee love baybee boo
now eye m spook in u
drive in on down thru ma ocean sides
and im love in it

neva meant to hurt u girls
ohhh lost dee mon soul
ohhhh try in to find away outta hear
tellme what u real e want
eye will tell hue what eye really need
seek in all ways to amend
wake uppppppp
raise yo heads
raise your end....
Track Name: +++^++Vape got me high/bye++++++
vape got me high
dave.vape got me buy
vape got me high end eye aint goin down now oughhhhhwhwhwhwhwwwww

when eye see u
ur on tha street boo
girl im gunna have to
follow and tickle u
ohhhhhhhhheyeyeyeyey hiiighhhhhhhhhheheyeyeyeyeye oh who hey eye

vape got me high.vape
no carbon dioxide/died outside
oh whooooooo ooaoahahahahahwhwhwhwheyeyeyeee eyeyeyeyeyeye

thoughts fly bye....